How to Ensure No Backdoor Access and No Server Involved in Communication Via SMS?

When so much personal and business information is at risk of being leaked, the best thing to do is to equip your systems and devices with high-end security solutions. There are a number of options available on the market; however, misinformation about their integration to existing systems can easily confuse consumers. Even while security requirements and legislation like HIPAA are leading to better measures, the changes aren’t coming fast enough, especially when everything is going mobile. All types of information and data are prone to breach. Eventually, they too need solutions that can protect the information and even the communications between the sender and the recipient.

We are talking about using encryption technology while communicating on mobile devices. There are a number of apps that offer text message encryption, but the key thing to note is if these apps store the user history on their servers or if they provide backdoor access or not.

The Enkryptonite App for Smartphones can help people securely communicate using text messaging services in everyday communications. Utilizing such an advanced encryption tool can help protect the information you share in many ways. The Enkryptonite app protects your personal information from being exposed, it prevents information and data theft, can prevent negative publicity for yourself, and it can also save you from compromising relationships with customers, life partners, and business associates.

The EnKryptonite App uses the same encryption technology and protocols used by militaries worldwide. It only maintains a database of user accounts and their registered devices, by verification and securely storing a user’s registration credential. It enables encrypted text messages to be sent between users without risking the leak of confidential or private communications.

This app is revolutionary because it allows users to encrypt and transmit text messages, photos and video across iOS and Android devices. Moreover, there is No Server involved, which means there is no backdoor access to the information shared between the sender and the recipient. Another unique feature of the app is that the user can hide the history of messages sent to the recipient and the recipient will also not be able to see the sender details except within the app.

Once the user has downloaded the app, they just need to register the device by using their mobile number or email. Initially, all the users are given 25 free credits to send encrypted messages. Once the free tryout is over, a user can purchase additional credits available right through the app. For 100 message credits, it will cost $.99 and for unlimited message credits for one year, it will cost only $2.99. A user can also get 25 free credits by sharing the app using the referral code.

The app is available to download at the App Store and Google Play.