Enrico Nahler — Issue #5

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What I’m listening to

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PIT Reflections 48:The Balance between Planning and Executing — Productivity in Tech — productivityintech.com 
 Yesterday I was encouraged while planning my next moves on a project at work. I reached out to a friend in the field and as I began to explain my potential solution, he let me know that I was working outside of the realm of his job and knowledge.

What I’m reading

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Nice Guys Finish First — by Doug Sandler — www.amazon.com

Being nice is good for business! How good? This book will tell you all about how!

What I’m watching

This week I was not watching anything! …

If you have any suggestions, I’d very much appreciate your suggestions.

A quote I’m pondering

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Stop thinking and start executing! — by Carl Pullein — www.instagram.com

Too much time is spent on thinking and not enough on executing. Start executing those projects today! #inspiration #motivation #productivity #gtd

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Enrico Nahler on Twitter: “To me, the #BlackberryPassport is the #BestPhoneEver #TeamBlackberry #BlackberryMobile @JanOleHelmbold https://t.co/uI2BAKt5sH"


This one sparked a somewhat longer conversation. Check out my channel on BBM C004AF23E

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