F%#$ New Years resolutions!Happy New Year!

Are you about to tell yourself that you are going to loose weight, eat healthier, work more, stop smoking, run a marathon, start writing more, waste less time, call your friends and family more often?

Go ahead with that loser mentality and tell yourself lies! Read books about self-improvement, watch hundreds of videos on YouTube, listen to all those Podcasts on your topic — and tell me by the end of 2016, what of these things you have achieved by simply making a resolution on January 1st and following other people’s stories about how they have achieved their goals.

Be SMART and set goals

I do not intend to lecture you on S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting — these guys have done the work for me.

Don’t read don’t listen to anyone but yourself — use your brain, your calendar, your task lists, or this goal setting template and execute.

Embrace the best You

Yes, we all can be better versions of ourselves! Yes, we all need motivation and encouragement! Reading, listening and watching other people’s stories does not make you better! Hard work does.

  • Consult your future you and ask it, how life improved after accomplishing those goals!
  • Find a buddy who will kick your ass, if you don’t stick to the plan! Or better…
  • Go social with what you are doing. There is no better thing than a group of like-minded people, that encourages you day in and day out.
  • Take notes about your hits and misses and make it a story you can tell to encourage others to aim high!

Fact of the matter is,

Losers Talk — Winners DO

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Which one are you?

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Originally published at enriconahler.com on December 31, 2015.