How An “Experience” Journal Fuels My Daily Writing Habit
Barry Davret

Faith in the Human Race Restored

Dude, I have to tell you, you have renewed my faith in the human race.

It is obvious you are a talented writer, but you also add value with your ideas and advice.

I recently combed through my immensely overloaded inbox, after having come to the realization that what I had mostly subscribed to was pure crap and superficial non-value blinding flashes of the obvious. I decided that VERY select few people had anything really interesting and valuable to say.

So I unsubscribed to virtually every list I was on, and vowed from that moment on I would be EXTREMELY selective in what I clicked on, read, and subscribed to, be they twitter feeds, Facebook posts, or blogs.

To be fair, there are a few folks out there whose contributions I treasure, and who are not always trying to SELL me the answer to all my authoring, blogging, coaching, or speaking challenges. But you hit the bulls eye.

After reading this post, I did not hesitate to sign up to your list. I was not disappointed.

Your Post Writing Checklist is a REAL GEM! The 25 Questions are superb! And the Bullet Blueprint is fantastic! I cannot believe you give this stuff away in exchange for just signing up for your list, although I am grateful that you do.

Once again, thanks for restoring my faith in humanity, and proving to me that there are still nuggets out there worth looking for and great virtual mentors as well.