If I Asked You, “Are You Happy?” How Would You Answer?
Dr. Christine Bradstreet 🌴

Good article!

I use the term “fulfilled” rather than happy. It defines better for me what I feel.

I spent almost 4 years in a Federal prison. I wasn’t happy all the time. But I managed to achieve a level of fulfillment I would have never imagined. I would have preferred not to have spent time in prison. But I made of it what I required to feel fulfilled.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer 3 years ago. I will eventually die from it. I’m not sad about it though. And I’d rather not have to die. But we’re all going to go sometime. So I choose to do the things that fulfill me. I feel fulfilled.

Having said that, if you asked me the question in your title, I’d say, yes. I’m happy.

Although I’d rather say, “I’m fulfilled…”