An Unhappy Baby = A Horrifying Travel Experience

A child who says his mother will not sleep, must be prepared to keep vigil himself. — Nigerian Proverb

Air travel is by a wide margin, the most preferred means of travel. You save more time and you are willing to try out adventures by going to places regardless of the distance and how long the flight would take.

Picture A: You are embarking on a journey of about 24 hours.
Picture B: Same as Picture “A” but with the little devils angels.

With the former scenario, as an adult, I would say it is easier since you would be stretching “your” endurance to its limits. Your could do with make shift contingencies to make the flight “not as bad” as it should be. The later scenario is pain-staking because little children do not have that kind of tolerance. And so contrary to our proverb, when flying long hours, an adult would only enjoy his/her flight when the little one(s) enjoys the flight.

A fight with the babies, is best described as either an exciting adventure or a “crazy” episode of KUWTK -”no pun intended”. Here are a few tips for making the trip an exciting adventure.

FOOD — A powdered baby formula must come in handy in place of refrigerated formula. Warm water can easily be obtained from the flight attendant or can be created easily if you get hot water and bottled water and mix your own warm water to a suitable temperature. The easiest way to a baby’s heart on a flight, is through the stomach. Ensure to give your baby some water as the plane is taking off to avoid pressure in his ears.

SIT COMFORTABLY — A transportation service would always provide a child seat except if the laws of the country are not flexible about baby seats. If this doesn’t work out, lobby for the back seat with seat belt on and the baby comfortably placed on your laps. You have more room to take care of a baby here.

CHANGING TABLE — I don’t remember seeing a changing table in any bathroom on a plane, so endeavor to be creative and manage the little space at your disposal.

FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS — Airlines have specific protocols on how to manage your baby during turbulence, so expect them to instruct you and carry out those instruction carefully.

NOBODY HATES BABIES — Don’t get stressed about vibe from fellow passengers. People generally are tolerant of babies, so you need to relax because a baby will easily pick up on high stress levels. A calm adult is more likely to have a calm child and likewise the opposite.

BABY SLINGS WITH NO CLASPS — This is more comfortable on a plane. You could practice with it at home so that the baby is comfortable with it especially when you are seated.

Evidently this is a man’s perspective and so I expect the women to know better. Please feel free to drop more tips in the comment section. I’m sure we agree that travelling with babies is an adventure we could make exciting.

Originally published at Enroute Nigeria.