Five Places To Chill in Calabar With N2,000

Marina Resort

The Slave history museum in the Marina resort, Calabar houses stories, artefacts and dreams | via Huffington Post

Chilling at the resort is as cheap as driving around Calabar (Transport fare is as low as N50). There is no gate fee required to check in. With N2,000, you will see a movie at the Filmhouse cinemas (N1,000), with a pack of popcorn (N400) and a bottle of Coca-Cola (N200). With the leftover, you could visit the Slave History Musuem (N100) and “generously” pay for someone else to take the tour with you.

Tortuga Island is another wonderful option too. Drinks go for as low as N500 and you get to chill close to the Atlantic ocean. Children can also be treated with fun rides at the amusement park.

Effio Ete Roundabout

Arguably one of the hot spots on Marian road, Effio Ete Roundabout is a cool night hangout. Pepperoni is the closest fast-food restaurant but for the real taste of Calabar cuisine, you should visit the local bars and restaurants. Food and drinks are cheapest there. The road-side roasted plantains, grilled fish and suya are also wonderful choices. For the best experience around here, visit at night.

Municipal Gardens

via Calabar Reporters

Originally modeled to be the Christmas village for the annual Calabar festival, Municipal gardens (located in Calabar Municipal L.G.A.) is a cool hangout with close friends and family. It is probably the most secure hangout in Calabar as you can chill there till the early hours of the next day. They have a live DJ for dance freaks and is perfect for outdoor partying.

Waterparks Tinapa

Tinapa Water Park | via ComeToNigeria

Entry fee and access to the pool is only N500. It is the most visited spot in the Tinapa resort and a venue for random hook-ups adventures.

Seven to Seven Buka

Calabar delicacy, Ekpang nkukwoo | via lohisCreations

7 to 7 is likely the cheapest place to chill in this list, and like the name suggests, it is a 12 hour restaurant. Located at the gate of the University of Calabar, 7 to 7 offers a wide array of Nigerian delicacies from Ekpang Nkwukwo, Afang soup, Egusi soup, Amala and Ewedu, Jollof rice and so on. The list of drinks is endless. It caters for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Feel free to stop by at any of these places and rest assured that your pocket will get back home with some weight.

Originally published at Enroute Nigeria.

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