Here’s a list of fabulous deals for an exceptional Valentine

You must have seen the ads flailing over the net space already. Discounts, coupon codes, offers and all the how-best-to-get-your-money tags. To be honest, some are a tad goody-bag while others are just plain ridiculous, like an hamper displayed on a website with Ovaltine and Nasco’s Corn Flakes among other miniature gifts for N137,000.

While some folks may be Netflixing and Chilling on Valentines day, you might just be taking your relationship to the next level with our below listed deals from You don’t even need a bae. Simply taking out special time for personal enlivening is a goal to die for. You can call 0700AJALANG or 01–6311448 to start booking.

Two nights of accommodation at Limeridge Hotel and Epe Resort, Coach transfers, Floor board games among other lively activities activities should sure spark a love burn.

You should see Inagbe. You must be there actually. Take a peep here.

Aside all the fun, spending time with wild animals make Lekki Conservation Center an ideal Valentine venture.

See why you must Seize the bae already?

So here’s the second option for Inagbe; a solid weekend, because a day may just not do.

Originally published at Enroute Nigeria.

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