The Kwa Falls: Serenation and Rhythm for Love Birds

Located in the remote village of Anegeje in Akampa Local Government Area of Cross River state, Kwa falls is the ideal escape for young couples. It is an isolated waterfall that divinely fall through rocks in a tropical environment. About 25 kilometers from the state’s capital, Calabar, the ride here is smooth on excellent roads.

It doesn’t attract many visitors like Tinapa and the Obudu Mountain Resort, but it is ideal for a day’s getaway for young couples spending their honeymoon in this part of Nigeria. A drive through from Anegeje junction to Kwa falls is dusty and windy, but gives a close interaction with the rich vegetation of this region.

If you love monkeys, the surrounding forest of the Kwa Falls is a fantastic spot for photographing them

via Cross River Tourism

Once you arrive at Kwa falls, you are greeted with historic artifacts (for art lovers and goofy photos). Then there is the well arranged staircase of 234 steps from the Art room to the base of this epic waterfall. The journey down is definitely not as gruesome as the climb up but is definitely exhaustive. But like the proverbial saying “no pain, no gain”, it is a worthy experience as you arrive at the waterfall. Surrounded by rock formation, the large pool of water creates camaraderie for love-birds.

Meditation right? — via Reel Offiong

For the adventurous, a trip to the pinnacle of the waterfall is both daring and exciting. It is therapeutic and aids couples in trusting each other and devising strategies as they climb. The beautiful rhythm from the waterfall is music to a peaceful soul, you are lost in the moment.

After all is said and done, refreshment is best served cold. A tray of grilled fish accompanied with palm wine puts you at ease with nature and this environment. It is one of nature’s best kept secrets as it is hidden within by tall trees. Then there’s the climb up, more tiring this time but definitely worth the experience. So take the risks and be happy you did. It is also an ideal weekend getaway for close friends and family.

Originally published at Enroute Nigeria.