Enter the METAVICE

What is a Metaverse?

In short, a metaverse is (as defined by “Meta”) the next evolution of social connection. Within the realm of cryptocurrency, one could bridge the concept of a network of always on virtual environments with various collaborative measures and unique integration. For instance, an ecosystem which encompasses various tokens, universal staking, MMORPGs, AR NFT experiences, and ultimately real world integration.

Meta-Vice aims to pioneer an immersive VR experience for adults of all ages to enjoy.

The metaverse refers to a collective virtual shared space. It is intended as an eventual successor to the internet, with the potential to encompass all physical reality.

Let’s expand and further explore exactly how every element within Meta-Vice functions

Meta-Vice is the culmination of the very best in Adult entertainment from the comfort of your home. Built upon the Unreal Engine 4, Meta-Vice aspires to provide users with the innate ability to partake in various adult themed activities:

  • Adult content creation -> 18+ content that may be monetized as virtual NFTs, live chatrooms, OnlyVICE which is our version of Onlyfans.
  • The best nightclubs without the excruciating wait -> participate in headphone discos from the comfort of your home. Plans to have celebrity appearances during virtual club sessions is a concept we are currently exploring. This provides a way for celebrities to have a more hands-on experience with their fans, while navigating the troubles in which COVID-19 bring forth. Exclusive events will cost $METAVICE tokens, with a select amount of tickets available on a first come first serve basis to provide a level playing field/opportunity for all to enjoy. Furthermore, nightclubs will be operational 24/7 within the Meta-Vice whether music is played via a live DJ or a set playlist (during the week).
  • The raunchiest strip clubs -> All the thrill of the strip club without any of the bacteria associated (COVID-19 friendly). Interact with adult stars and content creators in exchange for 18+ NFTs. Options to negotiate rates and tipping will be enabled for both respective parties involved.
  • The most exclusive private parties — Influencer events hosted by individuals within the cryptospace as well as general influencers across social media. Exclusive parties held within the $METAVICE will grant users invited with 1of1 NFTs which act as not only their ticket to the event, but also as a piece of history.
  • The best of grand casinos and associated gambling -> Utilize $METAVICE to play an assortment of Casino games such as: Blackjack, Texas Hold em, Slots,Roulette amongst many other fan favourites. We aim to have virtual dealers available at set times during peak casino hours to replicate an authentic experience (10pm — 3am). Our P2E experience will be funded from our treasury where players can wager tokens to hopefully hit the jackpot. For those who simply wish to enjoy games without the risk, there will be identical game options without risk involved (funds are SAFU). We are also aiming to deliver a PVP gambling experience; however, details will be announced at a later date.

Within the world of Meta-Vice the possibilities are endless as breathtaking realism, and an engaged community fulfill your wildest dreams. Fueling this experience is the Unreal Engine 4, released in 2014. We have chosen this as the engine to power Meta-Vice because of the limitless capabilities of the platform, while being able to be operated on various different platforms. We aim to launch on Windows PC, Android and IOS devices first, followed by a Linux and Mac release.

Keeping this reality alive that drives our platform’s utility is the governance token, which is also coined “$METAVICE.” As the backbone behind the entire Meta-Vice economy alive, we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that the distribution and tokenomics are sustainable. Furthermore, the token will be utilized throughout the entire platform; some of the uses include:

  • In-game transactions -> Purchasing event tickets, nightclub admission, ownership of property transfers, fast-track packages, etc.
  • The Meta-Vice marketplace (explained further in “The Meta-Vice Marketplace”)
  • Staking, alongside our DAO; implementations to be introduced from MV 0.3

$METAVICE was developed with fair distribution in mind, as well as sustainability designed into the model. The tokenomics are as follows:

  • 1 Trillion total supply -> a traditional standard in the cryptocurrency space, a higher supply allows for a more spread out distribution as the token grows. Considering our token is utilized as an in-game currency, there needs to be enough to fulfill our growing ecosystem. As the game continues to scale we will progressively burn tokens to increase the value of user holdings, causing an experience in the $Metavice to become more coveted/exclusive
  • 6% Strategic Private Sale (Vested) -> Individuals instrumental to the development and promotion of our ever growing ecosystem helped to fund the liquidity for the project. Presalers are distributed 25% of their holdings on a weekly basis to ensure that both early and new investors are not dumped on. Any presaler who prematurely dumped bags on launch had their remaining vested tokens added to liquidity, forfeited for marketing expenses, or simply burned and taken out of circulation.
  • 8% Buy Tax | 15% Sell Tax -> 35% allotted to the development of the project, 35% allotted to marketing, 30% for the treasury
  • 1% bi-daily tax reduction -> As an incentive to our community, our taxes will decrease by 1% every other day until it reaches a threshold of 5%. Once the threshold is met, we will often host events where taxes are completely taken off at set periods of time. Such updates will often be shared in the telegram, but many contests will be notified to users via twitter and in-game announcements.

The Meta-Vice Marketplace

The Meta-Vice marketplace will encompass all aspects of our developing Meta-Vice ecosystem. Furthermore, our marketplace will allow our users to monetize their creativity in this space in a safe yet unique way, while retaining ownership of their intellectual property. This includes different types of NFTs such as:

  • MetaVice Condos — Apartment blocks within the MetaVice in which your character can live. Aspects of the condos are customizable and condos will be transferable amongst other users. Property blocks will be available for minting via opeasea. Various different tiers of properties may be minted such as apartments, condos, lofts, lower penthouses, and penthouses. Condo mints will also provide minters with 5 furniture mints which are also transferable NFTs. These will have varying levels of rarity. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that MetaVice Condos can be mortgaged/staked to earn $METAVICE tokens. (This concept will be further elaborated on later in Q1)
  • MetaFashion — Various types of wearables for your MetaVice character; some will be available by default, rarer garments will be available via in-game currency. Collaborations with retail brands is in development for copyright purposes. Users will have the ability to trade garments with the option of adding $METAVICE tokens to transactions. Essentially we are enabling trading; the experience will be similar to runescape. The community will govern the value of clothing and other wearable transferable items based on rarity. By doing so, we are placing the power solely in the hands of the community to determine how value with respect to MetaFashion is truly dictated.
  • MetaFun — Miscellaneous adult themed items, explore your fantasies (In development)

The MetaDao

Changes within Meta-Vice will be set in motion via a voting procedure handled through a decentralized autonomous organization. To be a member of the DAO, a set number of tokens (which will be announced at a later date) will be required to submit votes. This allows the team to keep the platform community driven, transparent, and ultimately create a Meta-Vice that meets the expectations of our community. In order to connect with the DAO, wallets (metamask, trust, etc.) must connect via our Web 3 interface (in development). Furthermore, members of the DAO will have priority access to exclusive parties when available, NFT drops, and token airdrops. We also intend on rewarding LP providers from the DAO with 1of1 NFT furniture mints; hope you enjoy those 80 inch tvs!

How VR and Meta-Vice compliment each other

As an exciting and rapidly growing platform for immersive experiences, virtual reality has encompassed various segments of entertainment. One of the largest segments adopting VR has been the adult entertainment industry. The ability to experience immersive eroticism is unparalleled; Meta-Vice aims to take this to the next level. Through the introduction of virtual gambling, living, housing, amongst various other components, we are creating a surrogate lifestyle for our users via VR!

The Future of Online Entertainment

2021 brought forth a lot of shocking, yet revolutionary concepts and technology, and we are excited to further integrate and develop on these ideas. The future is here and we are excited to be a part of it! Through Meta-Vice we can provide a platform for carefully curated user generated content and allow the community to ultimately decide the future. The world is an ever-changing place and Meta-Vice is there to lead the way.

The possibilities are endless, why not begin experiencing them in a place which pays to play!

Play something nice, play Meta-Vice



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