If the Cyber Republic is thought of as the world’s first digital country, then it’s land is digital privacy. The Elabox network and the ElaboxSN network join Elastos to become the network hardware component to the Elastos network operating system.

Elabox Description:

Enter Elastos很高兴向社区宣布我们新修订的剑法! 原版的剑法是基于每个节点累积的投票数量而来。社区的好评如潮同时我们也意识到这种模式对于选民和代表们来说不完全是可持续的。改进的剑法的比率是以每个超级节点产生的ELA的多少为基础,比率也是根据所获得的ELA的数量以及超级节点为主动节点还是备用节点而变化的。

Enter Elastos的选民们,好消息!改进的剑法会让您整体上获得更多的ELA, 我们增加了Titan, Ganymede和Callisto的奖励比率从25/75到20/80。如果任何超级节点成为备用节点,其比率将变为32.5/67.5。

Enter Elastos is excited to announce our new revised Sword Method to the community! The original Sword Method was based on the amount of votes each node accumulated. We have been overwhelmed by the support of the community and realize that this model isn’t completely sustainable for both the voters and delegates. The improved Sword Method bases the ratio on how much ELA each Supernode generates and the ratios change based on that number of ELA earned and whether the Supernode is an active or standby node.

Great news, Enter Elastos voters! You will be earning more ELA overall with…

The Sword Method is designed deliberately with voters in mind. We wanted to offer a fair, transparent and favourable reward sharing method that is easy to understand. The more votes Ganymede, Titan and Callisto receive, the greater the percentage of rewards that voters receive.

The differentiated structure of the reward distribution method is actually very simple: The base ratio of rewards for voters vs delegates adjusts each time the total number of votes received surpasses pre-defined figures, as shown in the diagram (figure 1). It does this increasingly in favour of you, the voters. …

It’s been a while since the Sword Method made its first appearance. The topic of how DPoS rewards get distributed amongst Delegates and Voters is important, and we want to add additional information to the previous article featured here:

It is our hope that other supernodes adopt this model as well because the full potential of the Sword Method is demonstrated when the voter’s 36 supernodes have adopted it.

Today, we would like to explain the range of the Sword Method from another point of view. …

by Max

Enter Elastos is happy to announce our approach to offering the Elastos and Cyber Republic community a fair and sustainable reward-sharing model called, “ The Sword Method”. Before getting into it, let’s have a little recap:

· Every Voter can vote on 36 Supernodes

· Delegates have to lock up 5000 ELA per Supernode

· Delegates cannot use locked ELA to vote

The logic of the Sword Method takes into account these three bullet points. …

Enter Elastos

Enter Elastos is a Supernode Pool of 11 Cyber Republicans with extensive professional experience dedicated to rewarding voters & contributing to the ecosystem!

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