Enter Elastos is excited to announce our new revised Sword Method to the community! The original Sword Method was based on the amount of votes each node accumulated. We have been overwhelmed by the support of the community and realize that this model isn’t completely sustainable for both the voters and delegates. The improved Sword Method bases the ratio on how much ELA each Supernode generates and the ratios change based on that number of ELA earned and whether the Supernode is an active or standby node.

Great news, Enter Elastos voters! You will be earning more ELA overall with the improved Sword Method. We will increase Titan, Ganymede and Callisto’s rewards from 25/75 to 20/80. If any of our Supernodes becomes a standby node its ratio will change to 32.5/67.5.

The more active Enter Elastos nodes, the more rewards for our voters! Our mission is to develop the fairest method between voters and delegates. Houston Supernode and Orion Supernode (other sword method adopters) have agreed this is the best way to increase the rewards to voters while sustaining our model for the Delegates.

If all Enter Elastos Supernodes are active, each voter will be able to earn anywhere from 77.5–84.5% of all total rewards. (Operational expenses will be paid before reward distribution). This is by far the highest return for voters amongst all Supernodes (Not including our friend Sunny Feng Han’s 100% rewards to voters). We at Enter Elastos center our voters first and want to stand out as the most transparent and highest paying Supernode in the ecosystem. Our improved Sword Method will ensure this and help accomplish our goal of generating immediately higher payouts for voters while impacting and growing the Elastos and CR ecosystem. Please ask us any questions about the improved Sword Method on our Telegram or Twitter channels. Thank you for supporting Enter Elastos and enjoy more rewards from this point going forward!

Enter Elastos is a Supernode Pool of 11 Cyber Republicans with extensive professional experience dedicated to rewarding voters & contributing to the ecosystem!