Enterprise In Space an International Project of the National Space Society

The mission of Enterprise In Space (EIS) is to motivate students everywhere to reach for the stars. EIS will design, engineer, build, launch, orbit, recover, tour, and exhibit a spacecraft named NSS Enterprise containing over 100 student experiments. Students will use a new powerful artificial intelligence tool, learning to apply science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), and communicate in natural language with their experiments. This program will demonstrate and pioneer new technologies while inspiring and encouraging space enterprise, and is a tribute to the many great visionaries of science and science fiction. EIS will engage and inspire the next generation — all ages and walks of life — by igniting a renewed interest in space exploration and development.

  • The first spacecraft bearing the name Enterprise to orbit Earth
  • The first Sci-Fi inspired design of a spacecraft.
  • The first to converse with student teams in natural language while in orbit using an artificial intelligence, just like the Star Trek™ computer assisted their crews with experiments and analyses.
  • The first non-profit organization to launch and return student experiments free of charge, allowing children of all socio-economic levels to participate. Students work in cross-cultural teams to convince judges that their experiment should earn the right to be among the 100+ experiments flown.
  • Likely the first 3-D printed spacecraft (aero-frame and skin) to orbit and return to Earth.
  • The first to promote and encourage liberal and fine arts as part of the experimental design.


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