Introducing Entity — Growth Engine for Elrond

Elrond is the scalable, secure, and decentralized blockchain of the future. Highly accessible to both builders and investors, Elrond’s cutting-edge technology is paving the way for Web3 mass adoption.

To support this mission, Istari Vision and Titan Stake are developing ENTITY— a growth engine for Elrond.

Unleashing the power of Elrond

With Entity, users will have all the power of the Elrond Network at their fingertips. The Entity Launchpad will join the Maiar Launchpad in showcasing the most exciting new projects in the Elrond ecosystem.

(Design Prototype — featured projects are not yet determined)

But Entity is far more than just a launchpad.

As a growth engine, Entity delivers next-level blockchain analytics in real time to help users make smarter, faster decisions.

There are already seven modules live on Entity to explore, with several more under development.

  1. Staking Provider Metrics
  2. Delegation Metrics
  3. Reward Strategies
  4. Portfolio
  5. Project Monitor
  6. List Your Project
  7. Tax Tools

Powerful features like the Entity Tax Tools make life easier for users by streamlining the crypto accounting process.

With Entity’s Reward Strategies and Staking & Delegation modules, it is simple to compare investment strategies and metrics so you can find your perfect balance of risk and reward.

Entity’s Portfolio module makes it easy to track your EGLD and ESDT tokens with useful KPIs and graphs. And to help connect builders with investors, the Project Monitor will review submissions from the community and rate the most promising startups.

Growing the ecosystem with blockchain solutions

Entity’s tools are organized into four categories to guide users successfully through their entire blockchain journey:

  • Discover: Explore the most exciting launches from the Elrond community
  • Invest: Conveniently acquire EGLD and ESDT tokens
  • Earn: Find the ideal investment strategies for your personal criteria
  • Monitor: Track your portfolio and simplify your DeFi accounting

Whether you want to discover new projects, earn passive income, simplify your tax declarations, or more — Entity has got you covered.

Entity is built to provide value for a wide audience and grow alongside the Elrond community. Currently in its Alpha release, Entity’s modular design will expand to incorporate new tools in the future and support even more use cases.

Planting roots for the next wave of growth

If you want to learn more about the features that are currently available on Entity, the Entity Knowledge Base is your tree of knowledge. This documentation hub explains each module in detail and will expand to cover future updates.

(Design Prototype — featured projects are not yet determined)

What comes next for Entity? The next few months will bring much excitement:

  • The Entity Litepaper will be published, including the project roadmap
  • The Entity NFT collection will provide powerful utility for the platform
  • Entity’s core module will go live, marking the official Entity release

To be the first to hear the latest project updates, make sure to follow Entity on Twitter and join the Entity Telegram channel.

The Entity Team

Istari Vision is a leading service provider for blockchain projects and secure EGLD staking. Istari Vision develops innovative products and creates educational content for the growing Elrond community.

Titan Stake provides staking services for the Elrond blockchain and develops cutting-edge applications to help transform businesses for Web3.



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