Exploring Medium

My group was assigned to find out the Taxonomy and Folksonomy of Medium and we also had to explore how to get recognised on this social media site.

First of all we had to create a pin on Pinterest to pin all of the information we found out about Taxonomy, Folksonomy and how to get recognised on Medium. Just from doing this task we learnt a few things about Pinterest; for example to add people to the pin you have to be following them on Pinterest otherwise their names would not show up when you try to add them.

Another thing we found was for our first post we couldn’t upload a link that didn’t have an image on to our board, so we ending up finding out that we had to save an image as a pin first before we could upload links without an image. The thing I particularly liked was that once we were saving the pins we could chose a photo we wanted. An easier way to pin the links and images to our board was through downloading plugin chrome.

Using the snipping tool to screen shot the images we needed for our Medium blog was so useful because we managed to capture a clear image to show exactly where the information was found. It also made our blog look more professional.

After gathering the information that we were asked too, we then picked a section each, wrote a paragraph and put them together to create our blog on Medium. This was then posted on Twitter for our followers to read.