Parenting & Business

As my children grow up I found myself grateful that they just exited a terrible phase in their lives. Then I land in another equally horrid new chapter in their development. I was so eager for them to walk, until I realized they wanted to touch (break) everything. I was so excited to finally have them go off to school, until I had to spend hours of my life being an at-home teacher just to get through homework. I had learned to be OK with where I am at with my kids, because this phase may not be as bad as the next one! (I currently fear middle school)

Business isn’t much different than parenting. After birthing an idea and “launching” your business, you begin jumping in and out of difficult phases. The startup phase, the “I can’t use the startup excuse anymore” phase, the “Shouldn’t I know what I am doing by now phase”, or the “I hired other people better than me phase”. Yet no matter the phase, business is hard. For most, it is worth it, but it is still hard.

More recently I decided that it wasn’t worth it anymore. My love for the business I had built pretty much had died and I felt like a slave to a monster I helped create. I had business partners so I wasn’t at liberty to make radical change by myself. So I accepted the fact that I just needed to go. Funny, this must be what Brad Pitt feels like.

Have you ever delivered a resignation to a business you owned? I have. It is pretty high on the list as the most sickening feeling I have ever had. Here is the list of adjectives I felt about myself at the time:

  • Failure
  • Quitter
  • Weak
  • Abandon-er
  • Selfish

I arrived at a place where I knew that all the work, effort, and years I had put into this venture would be gone. This wasn’t the sort of business where I could retain stocks or ownership in the hopes of an eventual buyout. If I left, I was out.

What surprised me was that one of my partners countered my resignation. Perhaps this may be worth it? After all, just because my kids started to use curse words doesn’t mean I would abandon them on the side of the road. But I have thought about it!