Why Blockchain Technology Matters

The Age of Information

We live in a crazy time. No one could have ever guessed to the full extent, the impact that computers and the internet would have on peoples lives and society as a whole. We live in an era where everything is becoming digitized, including our identities.

Online Privacy & Security

It has become pretty widely known now the extent at which our online data is tracked, and stored. Think about it, in order for google to show you “relevant” ads, it needs to first understand what is relevant to you. To do this they track what you search, what you click, what websites you visit and what videos you stream. After all is said and done, there you are, (or at least the digital you) sitting there in a database, waiting to be looked at.

So whats the problem?

The problem is that this mass amount of data stored about YOU is not owned, or accessible by YOU.

How can Blockchain solve this?

Blockchain Technology can solve this problem of centralized data systems by creating decentralized, cryptographically secure networks, that puts each user in control of their own data.

The Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token are taking the initive on this issue at least as far as advertising goes. Essentially it allows businesses to still place “relevant” ads, while keeping the users data anonymous.


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