3 Apps to Organize Your Life

It’s a strange time of year, with the Easter/spring break coming up there is going to be plenty of time to sit on the sofa stuffed with food and wine, wondering why you don’t have your life together. We have all been there, and we all will be there after our Grandma has shoved yet another drink in your hand at the family dinner. Thanks to technology we have the ability to organize our life in the palm of our hands with the help of these life-saving apps.


There are plenty of ‘to do list’ apps out there and most of our phones come pre-installed with one. Todoist is one of the classics and is still going strong as one of the best ways to organize your daily and weekly tasks. What makes Todoist so great to use is its feature that lets you categorize your tasks, set priority levels, color code and can set tasks to recur on a regular basis. Not only can you use it on multiple devices, you can share lists with friends who also use the app so that you can collaborate on tasks!


How many times do you say the ruder version of “fudge it” and then spend money because you totally deserve it and then wonder where all of your money has gone?! Yep, we all do. Thanks to this app it is now much easier to see where you are overspending, to manage your bills and know when money is due to leave your account and how much you actually have left to spend on those daily treats. With features that allow you to color code your income and outgoings, this app is a savior for those who cannot stand the old school excel method of tracking your spending.

The Dots — The Creator Network

Thousands of brands in the creative industry, including companies who specialize in design, TV, advertising, fashion, media and more use The Dots to search projects and discover creative talent. This is the perfect app for you to showcase your styling work and to find future clients or to apply directly for jobs that are being advertised. It is a great way for a freelance Stylist to find work or to land your dream job in fashion and to move one step closer to deleting that budgeting app because we all want to be wealthy enough to not have to track our spending, don’t we?

Organizing your finances, to do list and work has never been so easy! Now all you have left to do is organize your wardrobe and what to spend next month’s wages on by using the Style Counsel app!