Looking Your Best While Breaking A Sweat

Do you mind what you look like when you are getting hot and sweaty in the gym? This week on the Style Counsel App it was a close tie! 56% of users said that style was important whilst working out. So, here we are with some great tips on how to make sure you look and feel great while exercising

Layer Up — Layering is a great option for those who don’t feel comfortable in head to toe lycra. A loose fitting, long tank top or T-shirt over a sports bra, topped with zip up jacket, is both flattering and practical.

Invest In Trainers You Love — Invest in a pair of gym shoes that are tailored to your workout regime and personal style. A great pair of trainers can add a spring in your step and will help you feel more confident. See our blog post to find out where to buy great quality trainers at a low price!

Stop Flashing Your Knickers — See through leggings are a crime when working out. Before purchasing a pair do some squats in the changing room mirrors, or wiggle around to check that you won’t be flashing anyone your underwear when the material stretches. Get a pair that are high waisted ands sculpting, support for those wobbly bits is essential to making you feel great. Be especially careful with the cheaper legging brands, as they tend to skimp on quality material — not so important for a t shirt, but vital for your butt.

Tame Your Hair — Loose hair whilst working out is just gets in the way, so find a way of tying it up out of your way that looks stylish. Classic styles such as a pony tail or a bun will never let you down, but if you want to get more creative with your look, try dutch braids (aka Kim K braids) or a french plait.