Start Up Life: how to ace a strategy day

Great intentions, hard work and smart people seem like an unbeatable combination for a startup to thrive, but without a regular check-in and strategy update, all this effort can be wasted. As a team, we regularly get together to review our progress and strategy on our product, marketing or the business overall. We’ve found that before we did that, we would end up pulling in different directions and our hard work would still leave us sitting in one place.

Reminding ourselves of our top aim and mission on a regular basis helps us align with our North Star and prioritize.

We’ve shared our top tips for a strategy day in this short video:

Here is a summary:

1. Get together at regular intervals

2. Do it away from your usual work setting

3. Don’t have any other work set for that day

4. Review what you’ve been doing honestly (the good and the bad)

5. No idea is too big or too expensive to discuss (you can always scale down

6. Everyone’s views deserve respect (if you don’t respect them, don’t work with them)

7. Have an actionable plan at the end of the day (otherwise it’s just group therapy)

We will be back next week with more start up tips from Enty. In the meantime, it’s back to the trenches.