Start Up Life: How To Hire Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors can be a great way for a consumer brand to grow their community and learn about trends among a valuable demographic. But, like all management and hiring, getting the best people is hard, and can be very time consuming.

We’ve worked with student ambassadors at leading colleges in the UK and US, including the London College of Fashion, Edinburgh University and Fashion Institute of Design and Technology in LA. Our best student ambassadors have organised campus events, introduced us to future team members, taught us about new brands and been our eyes and ears on campus. Our least effective ambassadors stopped responding to our messages, missed our hangouts and just dropped off the face of the earth.

While many students want to add work experience to their resumes in the hope of getting their first jobs, not all are going going to be diligent members of your team. Since by definition students ambassadors are not going to be at your office every day with your team, you need to trust their integrity and rely on their self-starter attitudes. Also, the student ambassador role does not suit every personality type. Just because someone is a straight A student does not mean that they have the outgoing personality to promote your company.

The best way to find your star student ambassadors is the application process. Platforms like Indeed make it too easy for people to apply for your jobs with one click, without thinking about your brand. This is why we have the following process before we invite anyone for an interview:

  1. Submit a resume: we want to learn the basics
  2. Write a cover letter: we want to see if they’ve thought about our brand and if they can write well
  3. Send in a 1 minute video: we want to see a glimpse into their personality and social skills
  4. Tell us one thing you would improve about the app: we want to see if they are creative and understand our ethos

Having a longer and more difficult hiring process means that only the people who are truly interested in working with you go through the funnel, meaning you only interview students with the genuine skills, work ethic and passion for your brand. While we now have a smaller number of applicants going through to interview stage, we see much higher quality at the interview stage and have diligent student team we can be proud of.

For more info, here’s a video we made on hiring Student Ambassadors for Enty

Next week we’ll be back with more Start Up Life tips, this time with a focus on working with freelancers.

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