Is Your Child 16 & Still Bed Wetting? Then This Is For You!

It is an embarrassing situation for your child when he has reached the age of 16 years and still suffers from the problem of bed wetting. Yes, bed wetting is a problem, moreover, to be precise, bed wetting is a disorder which can be eradicated with the help of medication and natural remedies.

In the United States about 35% of the teenage population suffer from this problem. Sadly, very less people have the courage to discuss the same. The bottom line is, if your child is 16 & still bed wetting, you need not worry about the same. Rather, you should support your child and motivate him to overcome this problem at the earliest.

What should I do when my child is bed wetting?

First of all, understand the fact that no teenager will wet his bed intentionally. If bed wetting has become regular affair, then first of all visit a good pediatrician who can handle matters relating to bed wetting. On the other hand, you should also ensure that your child is not getting nervous and running into depression. Try and motivate your child to practice good toilet habits. This will serve as a natural bed wetting treatment.

Support your 16+ Teen Fight Bedwetting

Let’s take an example to make things clear. Suppose your child, whose age is around 16 years has a problem of bed wetting and the first thing which you saw in the morning is the wet bed of your child. Here, your first reaction should be to help your child calm down. Your child already fears that you will be shouting at him and at the same time, the thought is also taking him into depression. Therefore, you should try and motivate your child by addressing the incident as a mistake. Allow your child to feel as if everything is normal and there is no need to panic. Additionally, also ask your child to come for an evening outing and take him to a good pediatrician, where medical aid can be offered.

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16 & still bed wetting can turn into 18 & no bed wetting

There are cases where teenagers have made a remarkable progress in overcoming their bed wetting habits. With regular practice and control, many teenagers have completely eradicated the problem of bed wetting in themselves within a span of 2 years. As it is commonly known, there is no substitute for hard work and the same principle follows here too.

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