4 ways to integrate Salesforce and Facebook

Salesforce is a great lead and sales management software, it makes easy to analyze your audiences and prepare marketing campaigns, whereas Facebook is both a great pool of leads and a media where to carry out advertisement.

Facebook Ad Leads

With this function you can collect data when a user interacts with your advertisement on Facebook. A form will be prompted and pre-compiled with his/her data. The list of users which interacted will be available for download via CSV. There are also third party software to automate the import process. At Enuwa we suggest to create a way to bind the import with a campaign, may it be a trigger if your import is automated, may it be a visualforce page if you want to load the CSV by hand. This approach will have the advantages that you can control what happens to duplicates and you can track the overall interactions with the campaign.

Chat Bots

The new trend for customer service is to provide friendly chat bots to talk about product info or basic support requests. The chat bots functions are available via API and their use can be integrated with Salesforce. This will have a number of advantages: in salesforce you will be able to setup the knowledge base for the bots, moreover you will be able to create reports about how and when users interact with your brand in the Facebook chat. Basic chat bot logics will query your knowledgeable on salesforce and provide the most appropriate answers to your users, advanced semantic logics can be implemented with external services (like api.ai)

Retargeting with Custom Audiences

In Salesforce you usually can gather information about campaigns (maybe email campaign with integrated software like Mailchimp), in particular you are able to extract all clients which interacted with your campaign and all the clients which didn’t. An interesting way to procede is to create a Facebook Custom Audience with all the targets which did not interact with the email campaign so that they can be targeted inside Facebook. In order to do so, with salesforce reports you’d need to extract a report in CSV with the emails or phone numbers of the targets, this CSV can then be imported into Facebook to create a Custom Audience which will be the audience for your Facebook Advertisements.

Page Monitoring

Salesforce can import all conversation happening on your Pages and create Cases to be routed in your Salesforce support system. The “Salesforce for Facebook and Twitter” is an official plugin and can be installed for free from appexchange. It is also possible to create Contacts and Leads from tweets and mentions. When dealing with social media integration at Enuwa we always suggest to ensure a policy to avoid duplicate records of the same customers for data quality. Moreover it is also important that messages to the clients are not repeated across channels, therefore a unified communication strategy is important.

Facebook is a great platform to gather leads, get in touch with your customers and also deliver support. The Salesforce integrations allow to leverage Facebook as a source of incoming business and also a support platform, if you are interested in knowing more about how to work with those platforms please contact us at enuwa.it.

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