Developing a Signature Design Style

The Journey of Spanish Designer Moscovita

Sobriety, simplicity and attention to details. These are the three pillars that Envato designer Moscovita has built her design aesthetic on, and they have served her well indeed.

Known as Eva to her friends, Moscovita contributes to the Envato Elements Graphic Templates section, where her clean, professional and oh-so-stylish magazine, proposal, catalogue, and calendar templates are sought after by discerning palates.

Though Moscovita, who hails from the Valencia region of Spain, learnt a lot when she did her masters in Graphic Design and Web creation, she credits her years of working in the corporate world with helping her develop her signature style.

“After I graduated, I became part of the Design and Marketing Department of a company, with responsibility for coordinating and supervise tasks like advertising, media plan, photography, corporate image, etc. I learned a lot along the way and really developed my skills in Graphic Design.”

As great as the job was, however, there came a time when she had learned everything she could.

She then faced two options: either stay in a stable and comfortable job that no longer gave her anything new, or leave it to get new experience and continue her learning. She decided on the second option, and it paid off, as she now has the freedom to work for herself.

Though she admits the transition wasn’t an easy one, Moscovita is proud that she had the courage to pursue her dream and change her life.

“I now have the freedom to manage my own time and work, which is what I most craved. When I was working for someone else, it seemed like an unattainable idyllic dream, but now that I’ve made it my reality I feel very proud and happy.”

And what advice does Moscovita have for corporate slaves who want to join her on the road to freedom?

“In this sector you must learn something new every day and always keep yourself updated. You need to constantly self-evaluation, work hard and keep a positive attitude.”

As for Moscovita, she’s already setting her sights on new vistas in the form of publishing a book, which she would love to do one day. For now, though, her objective is clear:

“Create clean, modern and functional designs, that generate visual impact.”

If you’ve ever seen her work, you know that’s one goal she can put a check mark next to.

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