It’s All About the Images

Moldovan Graphic Designer Danil Chetverikov Shares a Few of His Secrets

Some artists are chatterboxes who love talking about their work, while others adhere to the precept that an image is worth a thousand words and hold their tongues.

Envato Elements contributor and graphic designer Danil Chetverikov falls into the second category. When you look at his images, you can see why.

“I’ve always preferred to draw, although I’m not formally trained. I sold some designs when I was younger and I’ve even had a solo exhibition, but, unfortunately art didn’t bring in enough money to support my family so I went into a normal business career instead.”

Danil, who hails from Moldova, did well, but as successful as he was, something was missing from his life.

“I just wasn’t truly happy, so about 10 years ago, I started to draw again and to look for an opportunity to sell my work.”

That opportunity came when a friend who was making a living selling Stock Photos, suggested he try his hand at creating stock graphics and selling them through stock agencies.

Today Danil, who’s known in design and stock agencies circles as “danjazzia” sells his work all over the Internet. His colourful and bold designs are inspired by his homeland and make even his children, budding artists themselves, happy.

“I have three daughters and all three love to draw. I’ve never tried to instil in them a love for drawing, it happened by itself. I’m so proud of them and I also feel proud of myself when they praise my drawings.”

Danil is the first to admit that working for himself and setting his own deadlines can be challenging, but he nevertheless prefers being his own boss to working for someone else.

“Sometimes you have to force yourself to get the work done, but I wouldn’t change anything, not even my mistakes. I rarely agree to work on other people’s projects, because any project is bound by the scope and conditions of the employer, and I always want freedom.”

Download his designs at Envato Elements.

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