Onward Envelope!

Envelope just hit a pretty big milestone; we’ve raised $2m and started charging for our product. It’s been an exciting and inspiring and sometimes terrifying ride. This is a shout-out to everyone who said, “it’s so hard you must be crazy”, and then supported us anyway. Your faith in our team and our vision has bought us to where we are today, and I’m infinitely grateful.

We’re still in beta — we’ll do a proper commercial launch later this year — but my fantastic team deserves some recognition for the excellent work that has brought us this far. To you guys: huge respect. I’ll follow you anywhere.

In NYC, which is where we’re starting, the zoning resolution is 4000 pages of turgid legal text. Envelope is 3D web software that lets real estate professionals and city planners visualize and run scenarios on development potential under its constraints, instantly. Envelope is a beautiful piece of software, and makes something that’s wildly complex seem incredibly easy.

We’ll be expanding to other cities soon.

— Cindy McLaughlin, CEO