In Defense of Doing Business With Peter Thiel
Greg Ferenstein

Both Left and Right exploit whatever means to silence opposing voices. Left is a political movement, so why the surprise that it uses similar/same tactics as the Right.

The ‘greater good’ is used as an excuse by both sides for doing bad things.

Value based politics is the only way that remains, but it’s not easy to compare in a binary way, which means the media cannot report it. So it won’t get air time.

Value based politics is based on principles, some of which all sides will agree on some of which they won’t. See why that simple comparison means value politics lacks media appeal? It won’t get reported, as its easier to have a pantomime theatre performance than a value based discussion that isn’t binary/black and white.

Balance is hard, good-vs-evil is easy. So media likes the latter and so do the current political parties.