Frank Del Olmo: Journalism without the internet

Frank Del Olmo was an associate editor and columnist for the Los Angeles times for over 30 years. His Latino decent guided his writing and gave a voice to the Latino community.

Del Olmo covered various issues affecting the Latino community in Los Angeles, including the Chicano walkouts of 1968.

CSUN archives, an article by Frank Del Olmo

Del Olmo’s process was one which many journalists take. He did extensive research on laws that affected the issue at hand, coordinated his interviews, and kept his notes organized. Although this comes to be much more impressive remembering this was a time when email and the internet were not the primary source.

CSUN archives

Del Olmo’s determination and dedication to his work is admirable. He wouldn’t email, he didn’t have every newspaper at his disposal, and he had to get off his chair to find information.

CSUN archives, an article by Frank Del Olmo

Del Olmo was a dedicated journalist and set the standard not just for Latino reporters, but anyone who would consider themselves a journalist. Even in our day with the internet, our research should be thorough and we should be getting off our chairs. Our writing should be as passionate as was Del Olmo’s.