What’s the wireless oscilloscope and its breakthroughs could be?

You maybe well know for an oscilloscope, well use with your tablet, have you ever wonder what that could be when an oscilloscope landing on the tablet or your cell phone? Ready for unveiling now!

Connected the oscilloscope to the tablet/phone with the wireless bluetooth, 4 combining advantages you can experience immediately, just like Tony stark combined with Jarvis showing as iron man!

1.Clouds storage

Real-time waveform and measuring data store in clouds. No need to worried about the storage limitation any more.

2.Data share

Share real-time testing data with your partners through network or WiFi, making the most efficient for your analysis.

3.Colorful screen

Plus your observation dimension and vision. No more just being a dream to have a colorful and clear sight with the wireless oscilloscope!

4.Portable monitor

Adopt the blue tooth 4.0 technique, efficiently enlarge the distant of signal transit which enables you control and monitor the testing remotely.

The inspiration of the creative design always comes from life and finally benefit us in return, striving for breakthroughs for excellent product to troubleshoot new challenges will always turn out to be excited and worthy.

And what breakthroughs of the wireless oscilloscope will be? That’s a story about another apotheosis combination! Here is an paradigmatic breakthrough, which integrates the 20MHz oscilloscope with the 4000 counts TRMS digital multi-meter.

So again we start figuring how’s the feed satisfied us in dealing with real mission. And we get safety, efficient, high accuracy, durable and awesome!

● Meet with the CATⅢ 1000V safety standard. Equipped with 20A protective tube, over-input or mis-input protection, auto-range, ensure the safe of you and your instruments.

● One-key exchange for waveform and digital display. Finish the test with only test pen, no more oscilloscope probe needed. High impedance input, largely avoid attenuating the weak signal.

● Long use of the knob gear may possibly cause poor contact raised by fret and oxidize, but with the silicon key-press control design, those concern will be totally fixed! Water-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof structure design.

● Flexible setting for reference impedance, auto-power off timing delay, backlight on/off timing delay, screen displaying contrast , waveform zero-voltage calibrate which adapting for different testing environment.

● TRMS measuring readout; Max./Min. value, Relative value and D value display; waveform digital display: Vp-p、Vavg、Vrms、dbm; Normal/Auto/Single trigger, vernier readout: dV,dt、1/dt.

● USB interface enables the connection with other optional accessories which widely enlarge the possibility for your testing mission.

If you are searching around for an excellent oscilloscope, you can find more specification details here or just draw out your specific requirements, leave your message for me.