EosCrash Bug bounty program

Dear players,

EosCrash team encourages disclosure of bugs and vulnerabilities through this Bug bounty program. By helping us resolve our BETA version issues you’re making possible to launch full EosCrash version and make our players fully enjoy the game.

Minimum reward you can get is 200 CRASH tokens. The reward depends on the bug or vulnerability severity and can be increased.

We could split all bugs and vulnerabilities in 2 groups:

•UI and gameplay bugs — 200 CRASH reward;
•Security and other severe bugs/vulnerabilities -amount of reward will determine for each case separately;

To report a bug or vulnerability you need to fill this form !

The issue, you are reporting about, must be:
•Not known before

To fill the form you will need:
Detailed description of your issue;
2. Browser console screenshot (Click right mouse button in the game window => Press “Inspect” tab => Press “Console” tab => Make a screenshot);
3. Telegram username or e-mail;
4. Your EOS account (optional);

We will contact you after that as soon as possible.
Help us become better!

Sincerely yours,
EosCrash team!

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