EosCrash Giveaway


Hello, EosCrash players!

We`ve got good news, especially for those, who really likes Crash gameplay and for those, who wants to get much more EOS for his achievements in EosCrash!

Especially for you we want to announce daily GIVEAWAY release!


Giveaway starts every day at 5 PM GMT.

The size and number of winners of Giveaway depends on the total wagered sum of that day. Maximum GIVEAWAY amount is 8000 EOS.

All daily GIVEAWAY options you can find below:

Daily EOS wagered — GIVEAWAY amount
up to 100K — 200 EOS 
up to 200K — 400 EOS
up to 300K — 600 EOS
up to 500K — 1000 EOS
up to 1M — 2000 EOS
up to 2M — 4000 EOS
more than 2M — 8000 EOS

For that prize will fight only those players that get the biggest amount of achieved points! Points are equal to placed bet or equal to Bet * multiplier if you won in the round!

Total GIVEAWAY amount will be shared among all players proportionally:

1st — 50 % of total giveaway sum
2nd — 25 %
3rd — 12.5 %
4th — 6.25 %
5th — 3.13 %
Each rank will receive half the award of the previous rank; the smallest award will be 1 EOS!

Our main point is to provide the most progressive and comfortable gameplay process for you! Be sure we have a lot of aces in the hole, you`ll be impressed!

Stand by!

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