EOS Metal Financial Report (July — 15 November)

EOSMetal currently stands on 86th Rank as a non-paying standby producer node. We were in a paid position for 90+ days, which helped us claiming a Total Rewards of 9,663 EOS.

You may visit https://eosauthority.com/producers_earnings to track Block Producers total earning. Shout out to EOS Authority for developing some awesome analysis tools for the community.

We currently stand with 3,000 EOS in our main account. https://bloks.io/account/eosmetaliobp

Team Expansion

In early September we expanded our team to 5 members including a community manager and in-house developer. We have invested around $8,219 dollar to contribute to the growing network. 

None of the founding members of EOSMetal is taking salaries.

Letter stating EOS not a security

We supported the effort of paying an attorney with many other Block Producers with 130 EOS totalling around $571.

Project Chronicle — EOS History Database Project

The project aims to build an open-source solution that will allow anyone to run an EOS history database and query its data via various open APIs.

We contributed $1,870 for the project. https://bloks.io/transaction/53144ebe5a79eb2bc697cbc38a75c36091bb3e7ffb47ac77e774592025bd5629

Learn more about Chronicle Project here — https://medium.com/@cc32d9/eos-history-database-project-82365a0a0cbf

Community Projects — Tungsten

One of our first community projects includes Tungsten, which is in beta stage https://tungsten.eosmetal.io. We are currently working on one more project other than https://names.eosmetal.io.

Our total investment in projects stands around $1,800 other than salaries.


We along with EOSBarcelona helped to organise Meetup in Barcelona.

Barcelona Meetup


To support the network with top-notch hardware, we recently upgraded our servers. 
More details — https://medium.com/@EosMetal/eosmetal-infrastructure-upgrade-821e178ed64a
We have deployed our servers in Tier-4 facilities for great support and maximum uptime. One of the major expenses of EOSMetal is on managing infrastructure which stands around $14,068 as of today.

Travel and Rep

EOSMetal Team attended the Block.One London Hackathon event followed by Denver Meetup, SF Hackathon, Scaling Blockchain and Bitspace Oslo Event. The total expenses in travel and entity representation total to $7,231.

London Hackathon, Denver Meetup, SF Hackathon, Oslo (left to right)

We have slashed all our external expenses and are currently putting our maximum efforts to provide a good infrastructure support to EOS. We feel with time many issues the community is facing now with voting will get sorted. We along with few other Block Producers (>84) candidates like EOSCryptoRica, EOSMedi, EOSDetroit, AuroraEOS and BlockGenic putting a lot of efforts in interest of the community irrespective of the ranks.

If you like what we do, please vote eosmetaliobp as one of your block producers.

About EOSMetal

EOSMetal is a standby producer on EOS / Worbli Networks which uses bare metal servers /hybrid technology. Our only policy is one of transparency, we are self-funded and are dedicated to maintaining top-class infrastructure for EOSIO ecosystem. Please consider us for voting if your values align with ours.

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