The School-Work-World problem
max st john

Hello Max.

Awesome read! I am disillusioned with a huge part of modern education. There are of course several reasons than can not be addressed simply, but you did a great job summarizing the painful coercion. However, I still do not believe the type of school you describe is a perfect solution. At least not for everyone.

I mean that letting small people do only the things they want is not doing them a favor. Because they will miss out subjects that they would have loved. You can’t love something you don’t even know it exists. Yes, of course, you can try to introduce every student to the largest set possible of domains… But there is another problem: you need some time and discipline to just understand what a subject is about. If you don’t push the students out of their comfort zone, they may abandon or simply not go far enough to really create something meaningful.

This argument can also be applied to life in society. Understand oneself and the others, communicate, manage conflicts and stress are hard, and some students may simply try to avoid them, condamning them to some huge suffering later.

Same thing with boring tasks: we unfortunately live in a world with complex rules. For example, filling taxes, as frustrating as it is, should be learned: small inconvenience at firt, but huge payback later.

Anyway, here was my two cents. Do not forget I agree with 95% of your article, I just wanted some discussion and debate around the points that itche me!