The Epic Reveal

BEHOLD, The Voice of God. Truth to be told now:

We asked few team mates (not in marketing), what they think of Logos as identity for various companies? With a funny bone, I guess … they replied — it is all marketing tactic to find more work for themselves and look busy.

*Ahem Ahem* So, here we are looking busy and launching our new Epic logo. Apart from the documented version, let’s look at the ‘what’s the point of change?’ subject.

It was quite a while since we thought of getting a makeover done and act a bit colourful. We do not wish to look like the inevitable search engine which has life’s answers but we wanted a bit of swag talking about colours in the new logo and their relation to our vision and values which play a vital role in growth, we are here with the launch of the new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand.

There is an adhesive bond between change and progress in an organisation. An Organisation, that is fully capable of bringing fiction, imagination and the need of one or an entire group being penned down on the paper to the multiple dimensional world should be a little wider in terms of creativity and identity, or more specifically, creative identity.

Five years back, Epic India was hungry to achieve Creative and Productive Satisfaction. Targeting for wider and wider and wider, the benchmark of the company was being built strong with even stronger and impressive goals but amateur agency with highly experienced leaders always results in a plus and hence, it began to feed the MICE Industry and its gargantuan needs to reflect the kind of satisfaction the clients seek Running through the course, the term ‘Epic’ from the peek-a-boo ‘Epic India’ became more grin and less cheers, the smiles were present but the meaning was conveyed differently.

Epic India cannot be termed as historic, it’s the future. It’s not vintage, it’s classic. There is, obviously, a fine line between the terms and due to the lack of a proper conveyer or an interactive medium, Epic India had a threat of suffering from the fever of Identity Crisis because obviously, it was always meant to be bright, fun and inspiring. But before that could even occur, it took a major step towards redefining the meaning. As I told you earlier, there is an adhesive bond between change and progress in an organisation, specially, such.

When you go through ‘Maxims for Revolutionists’, you summarise a sense of difference after every page. In the same verse, George Bernard Shaw inspires the values and ideology of Epic India in some way, majorly, in the sense of freedom, expressions and idealism. It reads “Change is necessary, it is not just for the betterment, but for evolutionary development.” Now, who needs a better treatment and motivation than that?

Flowing through the different streams, the ideas was being penned down. The change was definite and it did happen. The idea of changing the identity of Epic India was born. Immediate effects affected the thought processes, aggressive designing and laser targeted ideology behind the designs was being refined time and again. It had to be perfect. There was absolutely, no scope of hindrance or imperfection.

Before the dusk of August 2016, multiple ideas, logos, colors were all over the place. Now to be a little accurate, they call it Team Epic for a reason. I mean, it’s a little too rough on the outer but when you sail in the pacific, you forget about that miniature pool. After a lot of digging, Epic India came up with the logo that was closest to satisfying the idea behind the identity fixture. Epic India released its official identity design by the Dawn of September 2016.

The goals are defined, the vision is set and Epic India is on the track with a bigger circumference. Hail, Mr. Shaw. Change, indeed, is the need for betterment of an industry. It is and should be a constant part of everything existing.