Kodi on Android Wear (English)

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Kodi is a popular Media Center for different platforms such as Windows, Linux, iOS, OS X and of course Android. And due to being compatible with Android we're able to install Kodi on our beloved Android Wear SmartWatches too.
Of course there’s no real use for this but in all surprise it’s running pretty smooth on my LG G Watch and even Videos and Photos play or show nicely on it.

There’s one downside tho: The fonts are crazy tiny and Kodi looks kinda “pushed together” due to the screen being square and not 16:9 or 16:10. So be aware of that.

Without further description let's get right into installing it on your own Android Wear watch.


  1. First of all go into your Android Wear settings (tap once on your home screen and scroll down to “Settings”). Go into the “Info” section there and tap multiple times on “Build number”. If done correctly an info text should pop up saying that developer options are now enabled
  2. Go back one step (swipe from Left to Right) and choose the very last menu “Developer options”. Enable “ADB-Debugging” in there.
  3. Download and install the ADB ClockworkMod Tether Drivers if you own a LG G Watch. If not please search the right ADB Drivers for the watch you're using.
    Accept every step by simply pressing “Next” each time it asks for.
  4. Download and install the ADB Quick Installer. This installs ADB and all other Android relevant commands to be used from anywhere via CMD.
    Accept every step with “Y” (Yes). This will also install standard ADB drivers, I recommend doing so.
  5. Download the Kodi APK file, make sure you choose the “ARM” version on their site.
  6. Once done open a command line by either pressing the “Windows” and “R” key together or right-clicking on the Windows-Logo and choose “Run…” on the bottom left.
    Type in “cmd” and the command line window should pop up now.
  7. Once opened type “adb devices” to make sure your Android Wear Watch is recognized by your computer and the drivers are installed correctly.
    To install your APK first change to the directory where you .apk file is located in by using “cd /*path*/”.
  8. Now install the APK by using “adb install ****.apk”, you can use the TAB key to complete the file name.
  9. Wait a few seconds until the installation is finished. The command line might seem frozen but it’s not, just wait a bit.
  10. Finished! You can now open Kodi by tapping once on your home screen and choose “Run” and then “Kodi”. The startup takes a while so wait for a few seconds.


Kodi runs amazingly smooth on Android Wear devices and you can even use it to show pictures or watch low resolution videos on your wrist.
However there are a few downsides. Kodi is not optimized at all for such tiny screens and resolutions so it'll look kinda squished together. Pressing buttons is hard too since most of those (especially the close button) are for bigger screens.

Of course there is no practical use for this but it’s always funny to show off a little with your watch, especially to Apple Watch users who say that theirs is far better and more awesome ;)