What’s So Unique And Exciting About EPIM Network

Epim Network
Sep 30, 2018 · 4 min read

An Intelligent Blockchain Ecosystem That Thinks

A Comprehensive Update of Yesterday’s Blockchain

Eyes on the Future

Epimorphism Foundation has identified three main concurrent evolutions of distributed ledger technologies to generalize the univariate and static state transition machine, to break the “scalability trilemma” and to meet real-world business needs. Yes, these are exactly what we’re heading towards.


EPIM Network is the first to bring intelligence into building an ultra-fast, secure and asymptotically decentralized distributed ledger technology. Algorithmic profilings of nodes and users lay down the foundation for a cohesive set of technologies including an innovative delegated Proof of Utility (dPoU) consensus mechanism enhanced by token-curated registry (TCR) technique, a dynamically adjustable Morph data system and a smart-sharding technology. As a general DLT, the Epim network will find optimal performance in Internet of Things (IoT), Gaming and Finance industries.

Value Proposition

  • Ultra-fast, secure and asymptotically decentralized, in accord with the future of blockchain evolution
  • Knowing users lays the foundation for a mass business adoption, providing user-oriented applications with a high level of stability and transparency
  • Paradigm shift from transaction-orientation to user-orientation

Evolutionary Technologies

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Tech map

Profiling: intelligence takes the form of algorithmic profilings of nodes and users. The profiles are generated using on-chain information only.

Sharding: A smart-sharding technique partitioning the entire state of network according to users’ stratified profiles, thus to achieve balance and a higher scalability.

Morph: An innovative dynamically adjustable block-lattice data structure. In other words, a morph is the histories of events for a specific account. By accessing users’ profiles, Morph adjusts its behaviors accordingly.

Smart contract blockchain: A dedicated blockchain of smart contracts. By having this chain running smart contracts on virtual machines, no duplication happens on user-based ledgers, where only references to smart contracts are kept.

Delegated Proof of Utility (DPoU): Based on the utility-profiles of nodes, 37 mining nodes are randomly selected with probabilities proportional to utilities to form a committee of delegates, then consensus is achieved according to practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) mechanism.

Use Cases

IoT: When distributed IoT meets distributed network: security, privacy and identity verification remain foundational concerns in IoT deployments. With EPIM Profiling, device-level, behavior-based metrics are provided to maintain the safety, integrity and functionality of IoT network.

Gaming: To know your players is the first step to user engagement. EPIM analyze activities using on-chain information and help game distributors develop user-oriented strategies and ensure safe in-app transactions.

Finance: Putting transaction data on a blockchain requires security and transparency to control the risks of various financial products. EPIM provides a high performance platform to meet the actual needs, plus EPIM profiles to ensure information transparency.


An enthusiastic core team led by Dr. Simon Tian, a seasoned hedge fund veteran with a solid technical background and exposures in both Silicon Valley and Wall Street. With a rare talent who had 10+ publications in distributed network, an ACM gold medalist, a National Physics Olympiad first prize winner, a cryptocurrency early investor, and marketers and data scientists from top-tier universities such as CMU, Columbia, UPenn, Peking and Tsinghua universities, the team is made up of professionals who commit themselves to fulfilling EPIM’s mission. EPIM team also has Lingxiao Yao, COO of trade terminal and Xiaohan Zhu, founder of zDoller as their advisors.

Simon Tian, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Ph.D. in Statistics, UC Irvine

B.E. in Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University

As a serial entrepreneur and seasoned hedge fund veteran, Dr. Simon Tian’s diverse working experiences across Silicon Valley and Wall Street drew upon the creation of the EPIM project. Simon’s entrepreneurship experience began when he founded MillionTimes Tech, a remote-sensoring company, during his sophomore year at Tsinghua University. From there, Simon went on to various tech lead roles for Blizzard Entertainment, Yahoo Inc., Validus Re and Sorin Capital Management. His natural leadership, visionary foresights together with a solid technical background will be critical to the success of building the EPIM blockchain ecosystem.

Sean Wang, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

B.E. in Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Sean is a rare talent with a strong combination of both scientific minds and engineering skills. Sean has 11 years of experience in the Electrical & Computer Engineering space and extensive hands-on experience at leading tech firms such as Facebook, Symantec Research Labs and Huawei Technologies. He has a proven track record of successes in network security and distributed networks, with more than 10 publications and awards for his outstanding achievement as a researcher in this field. Sean leads the continued development of the long-term technology vision for the EPIM blockchain ecosystem.

Bowen Yu, PhD

Chief Protocol Architect

Ph.D. in Computer Science, New York University

B.S. in Intelligence Science & Technology, Peking University

As a prior engineer at Google and Two Sigma, ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Gold medalist and reputable coach of NYU Competitive Programming Team, Bowen is always interested in tackling difficult challenges in fields such as algorithms, data structures, algorithmic problem solving and forming distributed systems. The 300K lines of Javascript code Bowen wrote in developing VisFlow for his PhD thesis serves as a testimony to his hands-on experience in solving the most challenging problems with industry-leading technology.

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