Eponym — Vision & Roadmap

3 min readOct 13, 2021


Our Vision

Eponym is the world’s first and largest collectively created NFT art collection. It is the results of the creativity and artist sensitivity of more than 3000 collectors from around the world. In its essence, Eponym is a decentralised AI art collection.

The team at ART AI has been working for more than two years to make AI generated art more accessible and more mainstream. We feel we have finally found the ultimate way to do this — transfer the power to the community.
You are the artists. You are the curators. You are the collectors. You get to decide.

We are here to facilitate the creative power of the community, and we do it with technology and data. During the last two years we have worked on developing the algorithms and collecting the data underlying our AI. We developed the cutting edge AI in generated art, and collected huge amounts of data on the preferences of humans to optimise it. A lot of this is possible thanks to our previous projects — Art AI Gallery and Artifly (more on the technology coming soon).
Eponym is the natural next stage in our journey of democratising art.

This is why we are committing to following these values:

  1. The community will be the ultimate curator of the art
  2. The community will decide the value of the art
  3. Our collectors should be rewarded for helping us create this amazing project
  4. New people should have a way to participate in this project in the future
  5. We will always listen to the community, and be available for communication
  6. We will be transparent with the community and explain the rational behind every decision we make

(If you are not already a member this is a good time to join our discord channel, and follow us on Twitter).

To advance these goals, we are working on a series of new features that will enhance Eponym going forward.

Two years of hard work building the technology & collecting the data that is driving the most advanced AI Art in history, plus one night of exploding creativity led to the creation of what we believe is one of the most impressive 10,000 artwork collection out there. Now lets make it better.

It’s decentralised. We make it better, together

The drop night (and yes it was leaked, we did not intentionally launch the drop during NFL on a Sunday afternoon) was a hectic one, like it should have been, creating 10k pieces of AI art based on unique texts is no easy task, and getting 10,000 generations to harmonize is done only through the chaos of creation. It is time for the community to become the critic.

Not all texts are equal. Not all designs are the same. We must destroy, we must rebuild, we must improve. The community will decide which Eponyms will remain available and which Eponyms will become irrelevant. It is up to you to decide what Eponym will look like in the future.
To allow this, we will introduce a swapping mechanism — letting you exchange two existing Eponyms for a new one. The new Eponyms will be listed in a different collection — Eponym Gen 2. The exchanged Eponyms will be sent to a “graveyard” address — you’ll be able to see the exchanged art but it won’t be tradable.

This will allow us to keep collectively improving the quality of the collection, while allowing more people to participate in the art creation and curation process in a way that is rewarding for our early collectors.

More Information About The Art (Properties)

To help you decide what stays and what goes and assess the value of your art, and browse through the collection, next week we will expose the attributes of the existing Eponyms.

The attributes will only include the objective properties of the art piece: style (realism, abstract, etc.), content (people, landscape, etc.), colors, number of words, etc.

The properties are a tool to help you find the art you love. Deciding its value is purely up to you.

More Perks

To add more value to owning an Eponym, we will introduce a website that will allow collectors to get a 7K high definition file of their Eponym.

We are amazed by this community and we want all of you to enjoy your art in many forms and present it however you wish — so watch out, physical art collectibles coming.

Finally, stay tuned. We are working on additional ways to enhance your ability to govern how this collection develops in the future.




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