5 Ways to Grow with Epoxy

Epoxy exists to make creators’ lives easier. Making great videos week after week is no small feat, and growing a meaningful community might be even harder. It’s especially hard with the ever-growing list of social networks vying for your attention! We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can keep creating tools that help you guys and make what you do a little more manageable.

Here are 5 different ways you can use Epoxy to help you grow your channel and your communities:

1. Create additional content from your video

Top Youtubers create 6–12 different assets for each video they make. They create stills to post on Instagram, GIFS to post on Tumblr, preview clips to post on Facebook and Twitter, 6-second clips to post on Vine, outtakes, memes and a whole lot more to help promote their videos across networks. Sharing your videos like this gives you more unique ways to connect with your audience, tell your story and make sure they don’t miss your video.

With Epoxy’s Sharing Studio you can make GIFs, memes, preview clips, video stills, and more with just a few clicks!

>>Make a GIF from your video!<<

2. Post native to Facebook & Twitter

Both Twitter and Facebook reward you for posting videos on their native platforms with features like auto-play.

Epoxy is the easiest way to cut clips of your YouTube videos to post directly to Facebook or Twitter native video. You can even make clips and assets of your unlisted videos to help promote your videos before they go live.

>>Share a clip to native Facebook!<<

3. Acknowledge top and influential fans

Responding to your most influential fans is a great way to grow your community. But it’s not always easy to find those fans that have the most influence on social media.

With Epoxy you can see all your comments in a simple organized view, sort them by influence or recency so you’re responding to the most important comments.

>>Find your top fans here!<<

4. Instagram video gets 2x more engagement than photos

It’s true! Instagram videos get nearly twice the engagement than photo posts do. And with Epoxy’s preview clip maker you can get your YouTube videos on Instagram with just a few clicks.

>>Make your first clip!<<

5. Celebrate milestones and thank your fans

Whether you just hit 100 subscribers on YouTube, or 1 million followers on Twitter, we think it’s a huge deal, and want to help you celebrate.

Epoxy gives you a custom milestone image for you to share with your fans across all your social networks. Try sharing them out and thanking your fans for their support!

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Originally published at blog.epoxy.tv on November 11, 2015.