Driving Engagement off — YouTube

Epoxy works closely with creators of all sizes, we love learning from creators and celebrating their successes. We thought we’d share a few of the lessons we’ve learned from some of our fastest-growing creators in a new series, called “Creator Tips and Trends”.

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Creator Tips and Trends Vol. 3

Creators have been crafting creative ways to get viewers to Like and comment on their YouTube videos for years, but how do you drive engagement for native video off-platform? This is a new and tricky problem that creators of all sizes and verticals are trying to master. Twitter and Facebook native video are a new frontier that are only beginning to build their own stars and their own styles.

Some creators have been able to get really creative with the ways they are trying to drive off-YouTube engagement, especially on Facebook. One of the most creative examples is Jibrizy,

a self-described hip-hop illusionist, who is using the native Facebook engagement capabilities in unique ways! He makes short, shareable videos of his various illusions and card tricks, but he creatively prompts viewers to comment, engage, and share during his magic trick videos, rather than after, and integrates the step seamlessly into the trick. For example, he’ll ask you to ‘like’ when you’ve picked your card. You’ll have to see for yourself to see what we mean.

The key to mastering an engaged audience on these new native video platforms is experimentation, creativity, and a thorough knowledge of the engagement capabilities that platform has to offer! Try something knew and let us know how it goes!

MIND READING 100% works too AMAZING You’ll be Jawdropped how Jibrizy can actually read ANYONES mind 100% of the time! This video can change its self every time you share it, then re-watch it.

Leave a comment or reach out on social (@EpoxyTV) describing how you or other creators are building an engaged audience off-YouTube video platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Any tips for creators just starting to explore native video on social? We’d love to hear them!

Originally published at blog.epoxy.tv on July 6, 2016.