#smallbusinesssaturday vol.8 — The Business Allotment

This week, the #smallbusinesssaturday post gives you an insight into a local company that you may not have heard of but one that could be super useful for you & your work. The Business Allotment offers business training, getting down to the nitty-gritty of how to encourage growth successfully, with a big old dollop of creativity. Jodie took the time to give us the details:

“We are a husband and wife team, Jodie & Mike Newman, based in Epping, but we work with a wide range of businesses in Essex, Herts, London & beyond. The closest is in the same road as our office — the furthest away is 180 miles! In a nutshell, we help businesses grow.
I had the idea that I wanted to run my own business for years, but it was never quite the right time, until I was made redundant 15 years ago. Originally, my motivation was to help businesses be more creative. Ideas & creativity is not just a nice option to have in a business — they should be the lifeblood of it. Great ideas are what keeps a business moving forward, & innovation can capture market share & engage people so effectively. We now help businesses primarily with strategy & ideas for growth, but creativity is a huge part of what we offer.
I love working with a such a variety of businesses — from jewellers to media agencies, from photographers to charities — never a dull moment & always a fresh challenge to get involved with. It gives me huge personal satisfaction to hear a client say they have never thought about their business in the way we help them to see it. Getting that fresh perspective can be what makes the difference.
It is great to see independent businesses bringing a new feel to Epping. DaDa, The Little Kitchen, Fred and Dougs… all fab places. Not that I spend the day drinking coffee, of course…. & ‘Epping at the Movies’ is inspired, a fantastic idea for the community run be people with a passion. Love it.
Our Business Growth Package is really popular at the moment. Myself & my business partner work with the business owner or senior team, kicking off with two focussed sessions that shape the business for growth & scale, & then follow up with monthly business meetings to keep the strategy on track. It’s like having a virtual board to support & grow your business, & clients seem to like the regular accountability & ongoing ideas that we can put into their business.
My perfect day off…I am torn between taking my camera & heading to London as I love taking shots of the city or spending the day in Whitstable with a sketchbook, whilst my two young boys muck about on the beach. On our last visit they made a sea weed mountain and called it Larry.”

Thanks so much Jodie, it’s been really interesting to all about The Business Allotment. Please do check them out on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

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