How To Send EQUAL Tokens (EQL)

EQUAL is a self deflationary token by design, resulting in a total supply which is forever in decline. EQUAL achieves this result by creating a burn fee which needs to be factored in to your transfer costs.

Burn Fees

EQUAL has a burn fee of 1% of your total transfer amount, with a max burn fee of 250 EQL. This makes small transfer feasible, as you will never pay more than 1% of the total cost of any transfer, even if your sending just 1 EQL. On the other hand the max cap ensures large transfers don’t become too costly.

Fee Example (Small transfer less than 25000)

Transfers smaller than 25000 EQL. Burn fee: 1%

Transfer: 100 EQL 
Burn Fee: 1 EQL
Total Balance Required: 101 EQL

Fee Example (Large transfer greater than 25000EQL)

Transfers greater than 25000 EQL. Burn fee of: 250 EQL

Transfer: 41000 EQL 
Burn Fee: 250 EQL
Total Balance Required: 41250 EQL

What happens if I don’t factor in the burn cost?

Failing to accomodate for the burn fee will result in a failed transfer. The error provided by Etherscan is:

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Bad jump destination]

Fix this by factoring in the correct burn fee, before attempting the transfer