An incredibly inelegant response.

You simply ignore the good point made by your commenter and state “no” like a petulant child. The fact that it gets so many likes is disheartening, but it’s pretty typical.

He states that a male hiring may use personal experience to choose his male or female hires, and this is not sexism.

He is right. When I have hired in my role, I use my experience of other humans to judge individuals of both genders.

An interview IS a process of judgement. Choosing one person over another.

Not everyone can be a winner, and it is perfectly permissible to choose someone with lesser qualifications whom you feel is a better complete person for the role. Relationships are a great way to learn traits and how to spot them, whether they’re romantic or friendships.

Erratic behavior is a good reason not to hire somebody regardless of qualification, and the person hiring has the right to use his judgement when hiring for a private business.

You evidently resent your “bro boss”. I wonder if that has more to do with this than any concern for gender equality?

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