Examining the socioeconomic impact of feminist extremism

Economic Equality Ventures is examining good and bad socioeconomic data of women inclusion and experience in the work force, big business and society.

We are identifying the challenges and successful data patterns of socioeconomic statistics of highly functioning and thriving professional women.

It’s relevant to take in good context of the many great examples of gender equality and inclusion.

We are a big supporter of women’s social and economic rights and we are producing data and psychoanalysis of how a extreme feminism affects other women, men, races and humanity.

Regardless of a political position we are here to examine what kind of culture is being created by an allegiance of extreme socioeconomic feminism.

How is the socioeconomic compass leading this group?

Extreme feminism it is appearing to exclude the entire males species, even moral, ethical men respecting and valuing equal rights for women .

Is a culture of heterosexual or homosexual woman disregarding competency to discern value between men of integrity or male behavior among themselves?

Does unethical abusive male on male behavior within the same race or different races have any correlation to female socioeconomic health?

Economic Equality Ventures believes gender and racial co-existence is important for humanity is a part of our mission. Also is proper ethical socioeconomic male behavior. Society needs healthy moral examples of both genders and all races to inclusively collaborate economically.

We are going to continue the most exploratory data research of how extreme feminism could be counter productive for racial and gender rights, fair treatment and humanity.

Our areas of data research:

Total number of women founders and co-founders who have received funding? and also applied?

Total women VC partners?

Total house hold income average of women?

Total number of women in society who can, or do receive financial support from their family or fiends?

Total number of women who have applied for a business loan? and received one?

Total number of women who have applied for funding and received over the last ten years?

Total number of women who have jobs making 80,000–150,000 per year?

Total number of women who enjoy their jobs and feel they are valued and respected in the workplace?

Total number of women who experience employment discrimination and workplace harassment?

Total number of women who experience domestic abuse and their solution strategy?

Total number of women earning $150,000–400,000 per year?

Total number of women making $400,000 + per year?

How many start ups, corporations and universities, have hired women partners, and executive management?

How many women are in marital or romantic relationships where they choose not to work because it is offered to them?

What kind of abusive oppressive behavior do women enable and downplay from men (or women) they are involved with professionally or romantically? Weather it is disrespectful abusive behavior? do they allow and accept themselves to be subject of from men? Or the ways their man or women of engagement abuses other people?

These are exploratory case studies we are researching and creating socioeconomic data driven education and working solutions for.