Where are the African American male founders?

How has the resurgence of inclusion, diversity and equality effected socioeconomic status exponentially for African American men and women.

Between African American founders without previous high financial wealth or employment with VC’s African American women are 20x-50x more likely to be funded through any form of capital or hired by VC.

75% of African American women that were funded or hired by VC are only allocated capital or job opportunity because they are women of color.

50% of their products and services are only built to provide social impact support for pro-women or racial inspiration and influence.

Meaning you will have a 50%–80% better chance of getting funding as an African American if you are:

  1. A woman.
  2. Have a product or service that supports and allegiance of women empowerment, feminism or youth women.
  3. Not providing a product or service possible of profiting or scale.

We have seen almost a micro-fraction of any profitable or successful start ups launched or invested in by any African American founders it’s 2017.

Near 0%.

That is how many substantial start ups African American start ups have gained been funded comparatively to White and Asian founders. African American founders getting funded are slow signs of improvement.

There is still a massive prevalent threshold of deserving opportunity in need for merit ready founders experiencing socioeconomic oppression.

The influx of founders within the African American community is growing and good for socioeconomic humanity.

The late opening of access to funding capital is coming very late but better than never.

Economic Equality Ventures is very happy to see more and more African American women and men founders launching start ups. There is still much analysis and research we are conducting into the logistics of funding for African American founders.

It is still a very discriminatory process and bias considering an extensive history of high percentage failing start ups, White and Asian men have been privileged to get funding for.

Currently collecting data accounting for the sum of total funding dollars invested in African American founders.

  1. Taking out the investments from funds only for women.
  2. Or not intended or capable to be profitable of serving anyone other than social impact services
  3. Removing African American founders that had previous high financial wealth or influence from working in VC.

You are left with very little combined investments in African American founders over the last 20 years.

Between Angel, VC, PE, and even small business loans funded by the government intended for women and minorities.

Their minute acknowledgment for intellectual perseverance for African American entrepreneurs, founders and small business developers.

Socially and economically the presidential election is pushing a lot of available: emotional, economic and social resources away from the most at risk populations in the US.

There are very little equal rights in capital funding for African American people to create socioeconomic wealth or value.

What are African American people to do being left light years behind with consistent racial socioeconomic discrimination and oppression?

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