What’s Going On In The Tech Industry: Layoffs, Smartphone Revolution, IT Companies

Equidam Weekly 18th March

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On EU Developments

Venture Capitalist, Fred Wilson suggests that the next wave of the mobile revolution will take place in non-developed countries in “The Second Smartphone Revolution

Kevin Liu of Mattermark researches the layoffs in the tech sector in “Here’s What’s Going On In Tech Layoffs

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Capitalist analyses data from companies that went public in three different decades in “From Modest Roots To $10.7T In Market Cap

Andrew Schoen and Harry Weller of New Enterprise Associates talk about the introduction of quantum computers and how this can be a potential area for investment in “Quantum Computing: Time For Venture Capitalists To Put Chips On The Table?

Alida Miranda-Wolff of Hyde Park Ventures highlights most important findings from the Halo Report’s analysis on angel investment in “The Biggest Trends In Angel Investment

Frank Chen and Steven Sinofsky of A16Z talk about the triumph of data over algorithms in “The Dream Of AI Is Alive In Go

On Growth

Elizabeth Yin of 500 Startups outlines different fundraising scenarios you need to be prepared for in “You Should Have 4 Fundraising Plans

Audrey Soussan of Ventech Capital studies the profiles of successful CEOs and identifies different categories of entrepreneurs in “Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

Kurt Leafstrand of Clari says building long-term customer relationship is the only way to make your SaaS startup succeeed in “Good SaaS Bad Saas

Bram Kanstein of Off The Record expands on the different decisions you need to make about your business idea before writing a single line of code in “The Product Before The Business

Larry Kim of WordStream advises to come up with several business ideas and test them all before picking the best one and committing to it in “10 Amazing Lessons From Being An Entrepreneur

Peter Teneriello of Notley Ventures shares some key advices he received on building and growing a startup in “Oh The Places We Could Go

Christina Wodtke emphasizes the differences between UX and Product Managament in “The Myths Of User Experience Design

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Originally published at www.equidam.com on March 21, 2016.

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