Institutional VC Has Never Been Stronger

Equidam Weekly 19th August

The Equidam Weekly brings you insights on selecting comparable companies and how they can be used in your management decisions, along with an employee stock options agreement template and an overview of the condition of the VC market.

Comparables: How To Use Them To Defend Your Valuation

Gianluca Valentini of Equidam explains how to find similar companies and how to refine the list in “How To Use Comparables In Setting Your Milestones”

On Developments

Martyn Holman of Forward Partners says institutions have been ill equiped to handle idea-stage companies in “Institutional VC Has Never Been Stronger”

Jason D. Rowley of Mattermark reports that M&As and IPOs are experiencing a slowdown in “75% of Capital Invested Into Unicorn-ish Software Companies Is Still Waiting For An Exit”

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures explains how event-driven SaaS products eliminate the agency problem of classic software in “Event-Driven SaaS — The Workflow Of The Future”

Justin Jackson of MegaMaker discusses whether the SaaS market is saturated in “SaaS Is Ripe For Disruption”

Angel investor Lisa Walls-Hester makes a comparison of the equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK in “Who Should Investors Back In The £5.3Bn Equity Investment Industry?”

Ash Egan & Maia Heymann of Converge Venture Partners talk about the risks of implementing blockchain in “Is Blockchain Adoption Gaining Momentum In The Enterprise?”

On Growth

Vesela Yaneva of Equidam is introducing the “Employee Stock Option Template”

Scott Kupor of A16Z fosters a discussion on pricing strategies for category-creating businesses in “Pricing, Pricing, Pricing”

Elizabeth Yin of 500 Startups outlines the pros of convertible debt for seed stage founders in “Should You Raise On Convertible Notes Or Do An Equity Round?”

Sam Laber of Datanyze crunches some numbers to come up with the most frequently used technologies for YC companies in “YC Tech Stacks”

Dominika Blackappl of Y Combinator introduces a tool for creating an elevator pitch in “150 Second Pitch Tool”

Moran Barnea of Techstars advises on choosing smaller publications to dor a PR strategy in “5 Things To Think About Before Creating A Marketing Plan”

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Originally published at on August 22, 2016.

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