Are Big Corporations Key To Creating A Silicon Valley Rival In Europe

Equidam Weekly 19th February

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Startup Story: What is Cabvertising?

Louaie El Rowidi of Cabture talks about his crowdfunding campaign and the future of his startup in “Cabture — The Taxi Advertising Startup

On EU Developments

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures explains the difficulties in valuing companies and the market corrections happening recently in “What Most People Don’t Know About Valuing A Company

Serial Entrepreneur, Alberto Onetti suggests that big corporations are the key to creating a startup ecosystem in Europe that will rival Silicon Valley in “Startups, Get Closer To Giants In The Pursuit Of Growth

Pawel Chudzinski of Point Nine Capital analyses Point Nine’s portfolio and shares expectations for future investments in “What Point Nine Invests In

Mark Solon of Tech Stars analyses the current market from the investors’ point of view in “Some Gray Hair Insights For New Investors

Daniel Glazer of Fried Frank Tech talks about the 4 most common transatlantic models that will attract US VC funding in “When Should A European Startup Seek Funding From US VCs?

Nic Brisbourne of Forward Partners suggests that a good strategy is an adaptive one in “Startups Strategies Should Work In Good Times And Bad

On Growth

Elizabeth Yin of 500 Startups talks about her own fundraising experience and common issues when looking for investment in “Why Fundraising Takes So Long?

Full-time investor, Mike Maples reflects on what companies with extraordinary good results have done to be successful in “Dare To Make Your Startup Legendary

Entrepreneur, Benjamin Hoffman shares his thoughts on how to judge if a startup is going well in “A Newbie’s Guide To Startup Benchmarking

Sarah Travel of Greylock VC explains the two key ingredients of making a cheaper and better product in “How To Build An Enduring, Multi-billion Dollar Business

Moritz Plassnig of Codeship says that hiring skilled individuals and forming an amazing team is the way to build a successful startup in “Hiring, The Single Most Important Skill As A Founder

Benjamin Hoffman of Venture Route chronicles the making of his app in “From Zero To Product In 14 Days

Originally published at on February 24, 2016.

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