SaaS Companies Are Now Valued At a Lower Range

Equidam Weekly 3rd March

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Defend Your Valuation Using Comparable Companies

Gianluca Valentini of Equidam explains how to compensate for the lack of financial track record in early-stage investment negotiations in “Comparables: How To Use Them To Defend Your Valuation”

On Developments

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures suggests that public market investors have become more sophisticated in understanding and valuing businesses in “The Narrowing Of SaaS Valuations”

Jason Rosenthal of Lytro and Ben Horowitz of A16Z suggest that all companies are just a series of pivots in “Startups, Pivots, Culture and Timing”

Dylan Field of Figma and John Lilly of Greylock Partners draw a parallel between the development of coding and the development of design in “Collaboration and Design in the Workplace”

Clement Vouillon of PointNine Capital warns not to underestimate the ability of incumbents to adopt new technology in “Vertical SaaS: 2017 Table Stakes”

Ryan Weeks of AltfiNews illustrates the development and growth of the alternative finance in the UK in “Alternative finance in the UK ticks over £10bn mark”

On Growth

Anu Hariharan of Y Combinator specifies the difference between network effects, virality and growth in “Network Effects”

Eric Stromberg of Google introduces the second part of his matrix to help brainstorm startup ideas in the business-to-business sector in “The Startup Idea Matrix — B2B Edition”

Alex Iskold of Techstars says that the more prepared you are for fundraising, the higher the chances that you will get it right in “What To Do When Your Fundraising Is Not Going Well”

Jeff Busgang of Flybridge Capital advises to think carefully not only about how to approach investors but also who to ask for introduction to investors in “Getting Introductions to Investors”

Neil Lustig of Sailthru explains the concept of decomposing and how it helped him become a better leader in “How Software Engineering Made Me A Better Executive”

Tyler Tate of Crema advises that you should focus more on brand values and brand story rather than on logo and brand name in “Marketing Hell Week Day 5″

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Originally published at on March 6, 2017.

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