Second Seed Rounds Are Becoming The New Status Quo

Equidam Weekly 24th March

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Understanding Discount Rate In Your Startup Valuation

Daniel Faloppa of Equidam explains how VCs consider the concept of risk in their investments in “Discount Rate In Startup Valuation

On Developments

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures reports the increasing prevalence of second seed rounds in “5 Charts on The State of the Seed Market In 2017″

Nic Brisbourne of Forward Partners says that companies that do not chaise unicorn status find it hard to raise money in “Enough with the unicorn bashing”

Micah Rosenbloom of Founder Collective outlines the four concepts to to consider when someone offers to buy your startup “What to do When You Get a $100M Offer for a “Billion Dollar” Startup?”

Jensen Harris of Textio, AJ Shankar of Everlaw and Steven Sinofsky of A16Z talk about defining the problem first then identifying where machine learning fits in it in “The Product Edge In Machine Learning Startups”

Guy Turner of HydePark Venture Partners explains that marketplaces are complicated investment opportunity because they are usually two business models within one in “Investing In Marketplaces”

On Growth

Elizabeth Yin of 500 Startups says features don’t really matter, it’s the speed and price that make the difference for consumers in “On Differentiation”

Craig Cannon of Y Combinator interviews one of the international founders in YC and talks Indian startup scene in “Founder Stories: Ritesh Malik of Innov8″

Jason Fried of Basecamp advises not to focus on a handful of bigger customers but rather cater to a larger number of smaller customers in “A static business is a healthy business”

Rodrigo Martinez of PointNine Capital says at an early stage pleasing tech companies might be enough to achieve traction in “On Hiring and Firing Customers in SaaS”

Damien Hooper-Campbell of eBay explains how diversity and inclusion can be approached differently to generate more authentic, effective and inclusive conversations in “Humanizing Diversity and Inclusion”

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Originally published at on March 27, 2017.

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