Taking The Real World Into The Digital Realm

Equidam Weekly 28th April

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Startup Projections, How To Start

Every entrepreneur needs to project the future of their company. There are generally two methods to do that — bottom-up and top-down. Which one is more suitable for your startup? Check out our guide on “Startup Projections”

On Developments

Connie Chan and Kyle Russel of A16Z talk about companies bringing more of the real world to the digital realm in “QR.AR.VR”

Matt Lerner of 500 Startups details VC portfolio size, returns and diversification in “A Tale of Two Squirrels: The Not So Simple Math on Venture Portfolio Size”

Tomasz Tunguz of Repoint Ventures predicts that fast, expensive, and aggressive customer acquisition will become the dominant strategy in the early days of ML-disruption in “My Algorithm is Better than Yours”

Clement Vouillon of PointNine Capital distinguishes between 4 different types of SaaS companies in “The Rise of Non “VC compatible” SaaS Companies”

Ash Rust of Trinity Ventures says that it’s a good idea to optimize your fundraising process by being aware of who are the right investors to contact in “Seed Fundraising — VCs vs. Seed Funds vs. Angels”

Ritesh Gujrati of Osscube says that digital transformation and company growth are the top priorities for CEOs in 2017 in “CEOs Survey on Digital Transformation in 2017 by Gartner

On Growth

Sam Shank of HotelTonight recommends that you do company restructuring only ones, because if you hint a second layoff people will become disengaged in “From Burning Millions to Turning Profitable in Seven Months”

Rob Go of NextView Ventures advises that in fundraising or hiring or building a market strategy you should consider the high-failure strategy in “Lose More, Win Big: The Power of High-Failure Strategies”

Twain Liu of StartupGrind retells Ben Horowitz’s speech on how to build culture in a startup in “To Create Culture, Start A Revolution”

Rodrigo Martinez of PointNine Capital explains that the larger the company the more the number of metrics and sub-metrics that are measurable and meaningful in “3 Metrics To Rule Them All — SaaS Seed Ed.”

Hunter Walk of Homebrew outlines 3 characteristics that the problem your company is solving should have to be interesting for VCs in “Why I Care About Problem Size More Than Market Size”

Tina Roth Eisenberg of TeuxDeux says that any founder regardless of their background needs to get a handle on and appreciation for sales in “Turning Side Projects Into Startups”

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures says the single biggest mistake founders make is waiting until they have very little cash in the bank before they start fundraising in “Getting Your Head in the Game for Fundraising”

Alida-Miranda Wolff of HydePark Angels and John HIgginson of Enova International discuss how to identify people who will help you build your company in the long-run in “Developing Product and Hiring Technical Talent with John Higginson”

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Originally published at www.equidam.com on May 1, 2017.

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